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Hi there 👋🏽 Emma here!
I’m a birth photographer in my gorgeous home town of Darwin, NT. Here to capture the incredible stories of birthing women in our little corner of the world and to inspire & empower many, many more to follow the footsteps of their own true birthright! 📸 🌅

What's your birthright mean to me?

It means following your instinct and making the choices that are most aligned to who you truly are and what you believe.

You do you!

I'm incredibly passionate about inspiring and empowering women to have a positive birth experience through capturing the many different birthing stories that we all have to share.

Much love x



Document the life changing

& unpredictable moments of birth.



A day dedicated to capturing all the moments of your incredible birth.


Embracing the sacred postpartum period all families experience.


Those precious first moments, forever still in time.



Discounted rate

For a limited time, I’m offering a discounted rate to three families wishing to capture their births.

Session fee: $150.00

What you get:
- I’ll be on-call 24/7 for two weeks surrounding your due date. Baby decides to come at 2am? I’m there and ready!
- I’ll stay for up to two hours after your baby arrives to capture those precious first moments.
- You’ll receive all edited images digitally! The first few will arrive within 24 hours for a sneak peak and baby announcements.

Why chose birth photography?
We capture so many of life's special moments, why not our babies welcoming earth side and the incredible transformation we undertake becoming mothers, fathers and growing families.
You also have a very unique opportunity to touch the lives of other expectant women and show them the beauty of birth.

Why choose the Birthright Collective?
Firstly, I am beyond obsessed about birth and everything that comes with it. I started researching and exploring other birth photographers and the stories of all the women before me well before I’d even convinced my own partner to ‘try’ for our little man! I’ll also talk the ear of anyone who wants to hear about just how amazing birth can be!

Secondly, I am passionate about inspiring and empowering women to do their research, know their options and therefore empower themselves to have a positive birth experience. Part of that research involves the stories we tell through our images, a gift from you to them.

Thirdly, and most importantly. I want nothing more than to capture these moments for YOU! Having the opportunity to capture your story and allow you to look back and see just how immensely brave, beautiful and powerful you are is what I live for! No matter how you choose to birth, I want to be there to capture it for you and cheer you on!

A model release will need to be signed for this offer.



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